Welcome, Start Here!

Sweet Sixteen Photoshoot

Welcome, Friend!
Hey there, I’m Bella.

I’m a blogger, YouTuber, social media junky, daughter to the best parents, sister to three amazing and sometimes annoying brothers, and most importantly, a daughter of the One True King, the God of the universe.  My Heavenly Father, who saved me from all of my sins and continues to do so every single day, is the most important factor in my life. My greatest passion is living my life for the One who loves me the most, that being my Savior, Jesus.

Why am I blogging?

Romans 323Well, I started blogging/am blogging to shine God’s love and light on this crazy World Wide Web. I enjoy “messing around” with the technological side of the interwebs, therefore, a blog is perfect for me! I also enjoy sharing the love and grace that I have been shown to others. I am filled with His overflowing love and grace every single day. This blog is one outlet I am able to allow that overflow to flow onto. Across the pages of this blog, you will hopefully find inspiration, encouragement, a few laughs, a few tears, and above all Jesus.

If this is your first time visiting, I’d love for you to get to know me even better. If you’ve got a little extra time, start by reading my Testimony, then continue over to stories about my family.

I do not want you to think this blog is all about me, though.

This blog is ALL ABOUT Jesus.

www.LifeAccordingToBella.com1 john 419 is a blog dedicated to shining light on Jesus. Who He is, how He impacts those He loves and those who love Him. My mission is to empower, enable, and inspire you to reach your goals, pursue your dreams, and serve your community, all while reaching people for our amazing Savior and pleasing Him.

This might seem like a LOT to take in, but rest assure, below is a little overview of where you can start and find the topics you have the most interest in. Start little and work you way up to more!

Weekly Wisdom

Find all of the lessons I have learned in regards to this crazy life I live, Jesus, family matters, and friend matters. I explain the hardships I have encountered and how I overcame that specific issue. I answer hard questions that may have puzzled you or currently is puzzling you! I challenge you to become a better version of yourself. I challenge you to be more like Jesus.

You can find all of my WEEKLY WISDOM posts HERE


Sweet Sixteen Photoshoot
Sweet Sixteen Photoshoot

For most of us, life is busy, always moving and always changing. From spending time with the people that matter to us to working on school or other interests. Here at www.LifeAccordingToBella.com, I hope you will find content that addresses all of those different interest. From school subjects to moments with friends. Moments that you are grateful for and also moments that you do not understand the reason these situations are occurring, issues that you just do not know how to handle, and also faith, fashion, DIYs, and everything else in between.

You can find all of my LIFE posts HERE


youtube bannerWant to see my face, or hear my voice, or see what I really am like? Head over to my YouTube channel. I post videos on there that are on the same topics I write about here. If you have a suggestion for the next video I should do, contact me! I love all the opinions and suggestions I can get!

You can find my YOUTUBE Channel HERE

Let’s Get To Know Each Other!

The best way to stay connected is through my FREE email subscription, which offers a FREE weekly dose of inspiration and encouragement, which are found in my blog posts. I hope you find my email becomes a highlight in your inbox!


You can also find me on Instagram, @AnnabelleKiefer, where I share lots of instant updates, inspiration, encouragement, personal pictures, and more! I am on Twitter, @BellaKiefer, where I post lots of random thoughts and stay connected to all of my friends (you). I am on Periscope, @BellaKiefer, although I do not scope often (hopefully I will scope more soon). If you would rather contact me directly, you can always just send me an email at BellaKiefer@gmail.com-I would absolutely love to hear from you! I also have a Facebook page and Facebook group.

I am praying that you will be blessed by this blog and become closer to our amazing, indescribable Savior.

By His Grace,
Romans 6:23



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